Staking is LIVE For Starship!

Huge rewards 20% Monthly Earning!

1. Connect your wallet
2. Stake your $SSHIP
3. Earn $SSHIP passively
4. Unstake any time, no penalties or lock up period


Taxes for $SSHIP

  • Buy Tax: 2%
  • Sell Tax: 2%


- Total supply: 100,000,000 $SSHIP
- Buys & Sells will be taxed 2%
    • 1% For Marketing Wallet
    • 1% For Liquidity Pool
- Max wallet: 2%
- LP Locked for 10 Months on MUDRA



Phase 1
-Stealth launch✅ -100 holders✅ -Website V1 released✅ -Buy Contest with small marketing such as trending✅
Phase 2
-Shilling Contest✅ -Listing on different coin website✅ -CMC CG applied✅ -ERCScan applied✅ -Dextool/AVE info updated✅ -Partnerships with Telegram influencers and Twitter influencers✅ -Binance live AMA✅
Phase 3
-AMA tour with Telegram/Twitter Crypto community✅ -Starbase V2 released✅ -Website V2 released✅ -CertiK -CMC CG listing -ERCScan info updated -Logo on Trust Wallet shown -Discuss with first CEX listing -1k holders
Phase 4
-First CEX listing -3k holders -Starbase V2 released -10BNB Buyback and burn event -Youtube + TikTok marketing -Daily Community AMA
Phase 5
-10k holders -Twitter Space with big names -Celebrity Partnership -Dogecoin + Shiba Inu partnership -Listing on MEXC, Huobi -Press Release